Zimbra TCS mail login To New Safe Link To The TCS Mail Service

TCS Zimbra is one of the frequently spoken topics among Ultimatix users. It is one of the advanced topic that I am going to cover tcs Zimbra, today on our website.

If you are looking for a complete source of information for zebra tcs then you are at the right place. Today I will cover all topics that includes What is TCS Zimbra Login,

Feature of this etc. Along with it, I will also share information about New Login site which is recently launched by Tata Consultancy Services.


What the heck tcs Zimbra?

Well don’t take this deep. I will cover one topic at a time for Zimbra TCS.

So I will start from the basic level for this.

What is TCS Zimbra ?

Zimbra is among the top business-class e-mail, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, accessible for private and public. It comes with a redesigned browser-based interface.

It offers among the most advanced messaging expertise accessible the marketplace right now, with the only reason for joining end users to action and the advice in their own clouds servers that are private.

 Zimbra TCS mail login

What are the main features of Zimbra?

Following are the main features provided by Tata Consultancy Services zebra.

  • Email
  • Groupware software for Linux and MAC
  • Calendar

You might be wondering about the connection of Ultimatix with zebra. Well let me tell you that it is a service that tcs employee uses as a Webmail. Suppose you are newly entered employee in Tata Consultancy Services then you might be having hard time about TCS Zimbra.

Here is a video which will tell you how to download and configure it for functioning.

I have here given you a basic idea about this. I hope it will be enough for you. However if you want to go more deep on it then you can go to Wikipedia about Zimbra.

What Phone Does TCS Zimbra Support?

This is most frequently asked question about Zimbra. If you have a question like “If TCS Zimbra would support in their mobiles??”. Let me tell you that it supports majority of the modern smartphones devices. It includes all android smartphones, all iOS devices, Blackberry and other mobiles that have android or ios as primary OS.

So it is good if you have these mobile phones otherwise you can go and buy a mobile phone starting from only RS 5K. In present most of the smartphones supports android os. like TCS webmail. So I think you should not have any problem then.

Here is a video on describing how to connect and configure Tata Consultancy Services Zimbra on your android phone.

How To Login into TCS Zimbra?

Login into tcs zibra account is as simple as you login into your facebook account. Off course at the first time you need to some small things which I am going to tell you right now. So follow the below written steps.

  1. Go to official website for TCS Zimbra.
  2. You will now see the official webpage.Zimbra TCS mail login url
  3. Now as you do login into facebook same process here you can follow. Enter you Username and password in the appropriate field given.
  4. After entering all the details then you need to click into Login.
  5. If everything is right then you will be taken to Zimbra TCS Mail Account.

What is the newly changed TCS Zimbra Link or Domain?

If you are old employee who has been using the this from a long time then this is must know information for you.  Due to recent increasing cyber hacking Tata Consultancy Services Limited has tighten their security too. The old zimbra link, which was vulnerable to hacker is now changed. Here is the new link to the Zimbra TCS mail login

This is also for zibra client login. So irrespective of your post. It is always good for you.


So you are strongly recommended to use the new link only for login into TCS zimbra service link.

Note – For Further Inquiry You can contact to official helpdesk.

Hope this article will clear your most of the query regarding  TCS Zimbra. If you have any question regarding company then kindly leave them in the comments below. I will try to reply them asap.

Thank you.

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